How It Works

Say hello to streamlined scheduling and improved efficiencies when you combine Google Calendar and HubSpot entries all in one place.


Create Your Calendar

Customize a calendar key, then sync status and schedule with other users in your organization.

Simplify Sales Management

Sales Managers get a bird’s eye view of their team’s appointment setting and sales performance in customizable, color-coded views.

Streamline Your Tech Stack

Ditch your third party calendar app and keep it in HubSpot. That’s one less tab you have to keep open.



Your Price

  • Delivers everything you love about Google Calendar, within HubSpot.
  • Combines Google entries and HubSpot entries all in one place.
  • Improves efficiency, productivity, and communication amongst team members.
  • Provides a comprehensive overview of team productivity and performance.
  • Offers customizable, color-coded views to make it easy to see appointment settings and outcomes at a glance.

Let's make your job easier

Book a call and we’ll walk you through how the Calendar app works (and how it’ll work for your sales team).

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