How It Works

Integrate your existing member management system's data and enable HubSpot to power your communications and automation. 


Member Management System, Meet HubSpot

ClubReady, Zenoti, Roller, ABC... wherever you store your customer data, our tools intelligently translate that data into a language HubSpot understands.

Hours of HubSpot Work, Done in Seconds

Building out dozens of custom objects takes way too long. Stick with us, and your member data becomes custom objects, deals, contacts, and custom behavioral events within HubSpot…all in a couple of clicks.

Real-Time Member Data = Better Marketing

Create marketing campaigns based on what your members are doing right now.


Select the MMS you would like to import

Your Price

  • Unlimited imports of member data.
  • Unlimited custom objects, deals, contacts, and custom behavioral events.
  • Compatible with all major member management systems.

Let's make your job easier

Book a call and we’ll walk you through how the Custom Objects app works (and how it’ll help you use HubSpot for all your customer communications).

Our Solutions

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